Students' Affairs

The student population of the UTCWI usually comes from the several territories of the Caribbean and the Americas. We have also attracted students from Britain, Germany and the U.S.A. In addition to the Participating Communions, we have been attracting a growing number of independent students.

Very early in the first semester, students and members of Faculty take a break to share in a day of reflection and meditation as we observe "Quiet Day". Then, in March, students and members of Faculty go off campus for a one-day retreat. The President's Hour is held once per month and each year there is an "Open Day".

The student body at the undergraduate level is organised by a Students' Association. It holds annual elections for officers and runs its own affairs. Members of the Executive meet regularly with the Faculty.


Sporting Activities form an important part of life at UTC our teams participate in the University Competitions in cricket, football, volleyball, netball and badminton. The sporting life reaches its peak in September with Mini Olympics. Every member of the Community is placed in one of four Rooms – A, B, C, or D. there is great fun among members of Faculty and their families and students, including the University and Utech Students who live on campus. Indeed, all other members of staff share in this experience.


The Choir sings regularly at College services. It combines with the Symphony of Love for an annual Concert in April. The latter is a combination of instrumental and vocal music. The Drama Group provides other opportunities for the display and development of cultural skills. The Hill Walking Group is constantly striving for new heights usually aims to get to the Blue Mountains before the end of the academic year.


Tis an annual showcase of the territories from which students come. There are displays and lunchtime presentations, which include videos, dances and skits.


Caribbean Night is another occasion on which the variety of culture in the college community is on show; this time in its food and entertainment. This is a very popular event as guests have a chance to sample dishes from around the Caribbean.