Rev. Canon Garth Minott

Qualifications & Tertiary Institutions Attended:

  • M.A. (McGill University, 2001)
  • B.A. Theology (UWI, 1992)
  • Diploma in Ministerial Studies (UTCWI,1992)

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Crisis Counselling

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • Christian Ethical Principles
  • Introduction to Ministry
  • Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • Introduction to Theological Ethics
  • Christian Social Ethics
  • Introduction to Christian Worship

Area(s) of Specialization & Research Interest:

  • Christian Ethics
  • Pastoral Studies
  • Religious Studies


  • Book Review: The ANITEPAM Bulletin, 2004, a newsletter of the African Network of Institutions of Theological Education Preparing Anglicans for Ministry.
  • One Love Ethic: Groundings 2007 (A publication of St. Michaels Seminary)
  • The complexity of crime and money (Daily Gleaner)
  • Anglicans opt for dialogue over schism (Daily Gleaner)
  • Book Review: Journal of Caribbean History 2010
  • Book Review: Journal of Caribbean History 2012
  • Book Review: Journal of Caribbean History 2016
  • Building Institutional Capacity in Faith-based Organizations (FBOs) in Jamaica: Towards a Post-2015 Framework, Minott & Malaki, Groundings 2013
  • Jamaica Praying: A Manual for HIV and AIDS Sensitive Liturgies and Sermons 2014 (Co-editor)
  • HIV and AIDS: Faith Works: Groundings 2015
  • Living by Faith in Challenging Times: A Caribbean view of what it means to say ‘God will take care of us.’ In Dignity, Freedom, and Grace: Christian Perspectives on HIV, AIDS, and Human Rights. (2016). Edt. Gillian Paterson & Callie Long. WCC Publication
  • Mapping Exercise of the HIV & AIDS Response Among Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) in Jamaica – Co-editor (May 2015)

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