About us

UTCWI is a diverse and an ecumenical community. It was founded at its present site in April 1966 out of the former Union Theological College, Calabar College and St. Peter’s College and made possible by a grant from the World Council of Churches Theological Education Fund. Some six (6) Denominations form the participating Communions that own and operate the College, namely:

  • Jamaica Baptist Union
  • United Church in Jamaica and The Cayman Islands
  • Diocese of Jamaica & The Cayman Islands
  • Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas
  • Moravian Church in Jamaica and East West Indies Province
  • Lutheran Church in Guyana

At the UTCWI, a community of learning and worship is promoted. Men and women, lay and ordained are prepared for mission and service in the Caribbean church and beyond within the denominational traditions from which they come. Every endeavour is made to strike a balance between academic excellence and spiritual sustainability.