Rev. Dr. Oral Thomas

Acting President/Dean of Studies, Methodist Warden and Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Theological Studies

Rev. Dr. Glenroy Lalor

Baptist Warden, Graduate Studies Coordinator and Lecturer in Historical Thelogy

Rev. Trevor Edwards

Baptist Lecturer in Pastoral Studies and Church Management

Rev. Canon Garth Minott

Anglican Warden and Lecturer in Christian Ethics and Pastoral Studies

Rev. Verna Cassells

Lecturer in Religious Studies and Christian Education

Rev. Neilson Waithe

Moravian Warden and Lecturer in Psychology and Pastoral Counselling

Rev. Dr. Karen Durant-McSweeney

Methodist Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Languages

Rev. Dr. Gillian Wilson,


Rev. Dr. Eliseo Perez-Álvarez

Lutheran Warden and Lecturer in Theology and Philosophy

Rev Dr. Dave Hazle

United Warden and lecturer in Pastoral Studies