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The chapel is a place for prayer and worship



Students use the Chapel for worship and prayer service


Students can also experience not just academic but also Social activities

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The United Theological College of the West Indies

UTCWI is a diverse and an ecumenical community. It was founded at its present site in April 1965 out of the former Union Theological College, Calabar College and St. Peter’s College and made possible by a grant from the World Council of Churches Theological Education Fund. Some six (6) Denominations form the participating Communions that own and operate the College, namely ... read more

Exciting New Short Courses

Mon, 2022-01-03 12:14 -- Dwayne Williams

United Theological College of the West Indies would like to remind all about their registration closure dates for their new and exciting short courses...January the 7, 2022 for MUSIC and WORSHIP and January the 14, 2022 for ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN LEADERSHIP SKILS FOR CHURCH AND SOCIETY

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