1. A student is admitted on the recommendation of his/her sponsoring Participating Communion
  2. An applicant who is not recommended by a Participating Communion must be endorsed by his/her Pastor and be interviewed by the President or Deputy President and the Dean of Studies.
  3. Every applicant must sit an Entrance Examination that will be a guide as to the capabilities of the students who have been admitted. The Entrance Examination will be in three areas: Bible Knowledge (required of all candidates) General Knowledge (required of all candidates) English
  4. Candidates for admission should normally apply by January 31 of the year in which they intend to enter the College. The minimum qualification for entry into the Diploma Programme is five (5) G.C.E. ‘O’ levels or CXC, or some reasonable equivalent acceptable to the college. However, from time to time candidates are Specially Admitted on the recommendation of their churches for special programmes.
  5. During the first year course the student is on academic probation. The Faculty may recommend withdrawal if a student’s performance in the first year is not satisfactory.
  6. Class Attendance. Attendance at all lectures or classes is required except in cases where the tutor concerned, with the approval of the Faculty, may grant exemption. In such cases all other course requirements must still be fulfilled.
  7. Examinations
    1. All students, whether they are preparing only for the University awards or only for the College awards or for both will be expected to sit all the examinations set in connection with the Courses which he/she has selected for the semester unless excused by reason of illness or exempted by the Faculty.
    2. If no exemption is granted to a B.A. or L.Th. candidate who has nevertheless exempted himself/herself from a tutorial examination for no good reason the candidate will not be entered for the external examination in that subject.
    3. In extraordinary cases a request in writing for exemption may be made of the Faculty through the Dean of Studies. Such a request must be handed to the Dean of Studies in person at least two weeks prior to the date of the examination in question. In all such cases the decision of the Faculty must be regarded as final.

College Examinations are an essential part of the learning process. They provide motivation and opportunity for systematic revision. They are thus a necessary aspect of the overall performance and for internal purposes, they are an integral part of course work. For all candidates who prepare only for the University Examinations they provide an indication of the level of the paper and the type of question which they are liable to meet and thus reveal in good time their strengths and weaknesses.