Doctor of Ministry

Description of the Programme

The United Theological College of the West Indies aims to produce Ministers of Religion who are spiritually centered, contextually relevant, ecumenically committed and missionally oriented.

The Doctor of Ministry, with a concentration in Gospel and Culture, is a professional degree offered by Columbia Theological Seminary (CTS), Decatur, Georgia, USA with UTCWI as an extension site.

The programme seeks to build on a person’s ministerial experience and enables the candidate to explore issues in gospel and culture contextually. Focusing on ministry with the local congregation, this programme offers students the opportunity to become a more effective leader of God’s people. The programme’s collegial approach encourages students to examine the setting an practice of their ministries.

The programme offers guided analysis of the student’s ministry with a primary focus on the ministry of the local congregation

Entry Requirement

Credit Requirement - 36 credits to include:

  • Candidates should have a tertiary degree in theology and at least three (3) years of experience in ministry. Candidates who do not possess the foregoing requirements will be assessed for equivalent qualifications.
  • Introductory seminar at Columbia Theological Seminary (6 credits).
  • Four elective courses at UTCWI, at lease one from each of the following areas: Bible, Historical/Doctrinal, Practical (3 credits each).
  • Four elective courses at UTCWI, at lease one from each of the following areas: Bible, Historical/Doctrinal, Practical (3 credits each).
  • A supervised ministry practicum (consisting of 400 hours of work) in the student’s ministry setting (6 credits).
  • Two (2) elective courses at Columbia Theological Seminary (3 credits each).
  • A research project workshop at CTS (non-credit
  • A qualifying exam
  • A 100 page Research Project Report (6 credits)

Students must pass each requirement with at least a grade of B.

The programme is designed to be completed in four (4) years. Application Information

A completed application with the required application fee, certified copies of diplomas, degrees, official transcripts and the completed reference forms must be submitted to the College by last Friday in June of each year.

Application and reference forms are available at the UTCWI Academic office.

Applicants may be required to attend an interview with the Programme Coordinator.

Summary on the components of the programme:

Introductory Seminar

This seminar is an intensive course to explore interdisciplinary perspectives around contemporary issues of ministry and professional development. In this seminar students begin interdisciplinary integration and clarify their views of ministry to guide their development of a study plan. The seminar is taught in July at Columbia Theological Seminary by a team from CTS & UTCWI.


The practicum is a supervised activity in ministry. This is often done in the congregation but may take place in settings as diverse as business, governmental, community, or church agencies, where appropriate supervision and learning opportunities with peers are available.

Research Project Development and Design Workshop

This workshop is intended to foster integration and to prepare for the qualifying examination and subsequent project proposal development and writing.

Research Project

The research project is where elements of the course of study converge. The student must complete a research project and a written report that interprets this project to the seminary and church. The project is an integrating focus for the entire course of study, students should start thinking about the proposal for the project early in the programme. Students who successfully complete a qualifying ecamination with the first faculty reader (usually a faculty person at UTCWI) are permitted to proceed on the project. Ordinarily, students conduct the project in their usual ministerial setting.