Licentiate in Theology

The Licentiate in Theology is a programme in the study of theology. It provides the candidates with the requisite knowledge, skills and competencies for the practice of ministry.

The programme is offered jointly by the United Theological College of the West Indies (UTCWI) and the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Target Group

This programme is designed for individuals who are called to ministry, i.e. Deacon, Lay Preachers, Evangelists, Sunday School Teachers, Church Workers, but who do not possess formal training in theology or who have earned degrees in other discipline and are not desirous of pursuing another degree in theology. It is also suitable for persons who need more in-depth knowledge in this area for personal development or for preparation for post graduate studies in theology.


  • A degree or diploma from an approved University of College.
  • CSEC/CAPE in at lease two principal advanced level subjects.
  • Individual candidates lacking qualifications above who can present other evidence of satisfactory achievement may be accepted by the University on recommendation of President/Dean of Studies of UTCWI.

Applicants to the programme are required to apply online at the University of the West Indies, during the normal application period

Duration of the Programme

The programme is being offered part-time, in the evenings over three (3) years, inclusive of summers.

Areas of Concentration

The programme has three (3) areas of concentration and students are required to choose from the list below:

  • Christian Education
  • Counselling
  • Pastoral Ministry

Overview of the Curriculum

To be awarded the Licentiate in Theology the student will be required to complete sixty (60) credits,36 of which must be among the following:

1. Biblical Studies 6 credits
2. Historical Studies 6 credits
3. Theological and Ethical Studies 6 credits
4. Pastoral Studies 6 credits
5. Religious & Philosophical Studies 3 credits
6. University Courses 9 credits

The remaining 24 credits must be gained at level two and three and must be taken from at least two of the areas of theological studies.

College Course

UTC-CK Communication Skills 3 credits
Denominational Polity 3 credits