Master of Arts in Theology

Programme Summary

The Masters of Arts in Theology is offered in conjunction with St. Micheal’s Theological College. The programme seeks to provide further training for theologians as well as the foundation for further rigorous academic study of theology.


  • An accredited first degree from a recognized University
  • Graduates of UTCWI, St. Michael’s Theological College and other seminaries and Theological Colleges living across the Caribbean.
  • Final year UWI and UTCWI students interested in pursuing the academic study of theology.


  • Full Time — Approximately two years or four (4) semester.
  • Part Time — Approximately three years or six (6) semesters.
  • Summer School only — Approximately four years (8) semesters.

Courses offered

Students are required to select one of the options listed below.

Compulsory courses - 12 credits

  • Theo 6325 Christian Theology in the Caribbean
  • Theo 6105 Biblical Seminary for Graduate Studies
  • Theo 6320 Methodological issues in Christian Theology
  • Theo 6400 Research Methods for Theology

Students are also required to choose 12 credits from the following area of concentrations:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • Historical and Ecumenical Studies
  • Pastoral Studies

Six (6) credits from electives chosen within the department or across the faculty.

Students are required to select either:

Option A - Research Project

Research Paper — 6 credits

  • Theo 6990 MA Theology Research Paper

Option B - Research Courses

Research Courses — 6 credits

Research Methods Courses from the following:

  • EDRS6002 Research Methods
  • EDRS 6003 Mixed Methods
  • EDRS 6726 Quantitative Research Methods
  • ED6024 Qualitative Research

How to Apply

Application for admission to the programme is done online through the UWI website at

  • Complete and submit your online application form.
  • Submit a certified copy of your Birth certificate, Academic certificates and or Diplomas.
  • Marriage certificate/Deed Poll if your present name is different from that on documents.
  • Request a transcript from your college/ University if you have done post secondary academic. work.


Graduates of the UWI and West Indian are eligible for UWI scholarships. The awards are offered annually and only full-time students are considered for these awards. The duration for a Masters Award is two years.

Masters candidate who has been awarded an award but was not allowed to upgrade to a PhD will have his award extended for an additional year.

Research Grants

Research grants are available for students conducting research.