Pastor Susan Rowe-Blidgen

September 6, 2021 was one of the happiest days of my life. I had received an email of ‘Congratulations,’ from The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, in collaboration\partnership with the United Theological College of the West Indies, offering me a place as a Full-Time student to read for the Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Ministerial Studies in the Faculty of Humanities & Education. It gives me absolute pleasure to say a big thank you to Rev. Dr. Oral Thomas and the team at UTCWI, for a very inspirational, valuable, and impactful first year, out of the three years ‘Ministerial’ Studies journey at UTCWI.
As an ordained Pastor and Founder of Xclusive Gospel Ministries, I thought it necessary in 2021, to seek formal training, to be more effective in performing my spiritual duties while gaining additional wisdom and knowledge as prescribed by the Lord, in accordance with 2 Timothy 2:15 I have absolutely no regrets. All the course contents are highly relevant, informative, enlightening, edifying, and student centered\focused. The style and the knowledge of all the Lecturers is also amazing. The materials are effectively presented, ensuring great learning experiences.
I have done ten (10) courses, so far, in my first year at UTCWI and can testify that I have attained additional knowledge, competences, growth, and advancement within my academic and spiritual life, which has and is enabling me to perform my duties more effectively.
Semester 1
1. Introduction to Ministry – After the completion of this course, I expanded my Ministry from four to ten (Final Grade – B)
2. Introduction to New Testament Greek – Initially, I thought leaning Greek was an impossible task but by the completion of the course, I can read and translate Greek, which helps me in my bible studies (Final Grade – A+)
3. History of Western Philosophy – The Philosophers and their school of philosophy was brought to life and now I have a new appreciation for philosophy (Final Grade – A)
4. History of the Early Church from Pentecost to Charlemagne – After the completion of this course, I have a more profound understanding and appreciation of Romans 8:35-39 and it has now become my spiritual motto (Final Grade – B+)
5. Introduction to Psychology – after the completion of this course, the syllabus for my Sunday School Ministry were adjusted and will be producing more enhanced learning, for all age group. Pastoral care was also highlighted and appreciated. (Final Grade – B+)
Semester 2
1. History of Western Philosophy 2 – after completion, I developed a lifetime appreciation for African Philosophy and freedom fighters. Black liberation theology and much more, a real revelation (Final Grade – A)
2. Foundations of Systematic Theology – writing my faith journey has increased my faith and I have since encouraged the members of my assemble and others to do a similar exercise. All class presentations were interactive and informative (Final Grade – A)
3. Introduction to Theology Ethics – A newfound appreciation for theological ethics was formed and discussed among my brethren and peers (Final Grade - C+)
4. Introduction to Worship – My liturgy was adjusted and improved. My appreciation for the origin and use of hymns and worship songs has been enhanced (Final Grade – B-)
5. Introduction to New Testament Greek Reading – the presentation and course content was mind blowing and amazing. (Final Grade – A+)
The course outline and contents for all the courses is carefully and strategically planned which enables a transformational learning experience and guarantees lifelong improvement in Ministry and Theology.
I hereby recommend the United Theological College of the West Indies as the institution of choice for all persons that are called to Ministry, or wants to become certified in Counselling ( a course I have also enrolled in since September 2022) to enroll, as the leaning and interaction experience gained, can only improve the quality of your ministry and allow students to effectively carry out the Great Commission in accordance to Matthew 28: 18-20.
Based on my transformational experience, I have made an irrevocable decision, (according to the will of God), to continue my studies at UTCWI right up to my Doctor in Ministry.
Pastor Susan Rowe-Blidgen, JP
Student, UTCWI